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Marketing Analysis - Input

As you no doubt value your time, we also value ours. In order for us to accurately and promptly respond to your request for information, we will need to speak to you directly. Please be sure to indicate the best number and time when you can be reached.

In order for us to effectively and efficiently address your unique needs, please answer the statements below. The information you provide will not be used for solicitation and is never sold to or used by any third party.

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Strategic Market Planning

Yes No - We have a marketing plan
Yes No - Our marketing plan is obsolete
Yes No - We market by the seat of our pants
Yes No - We need a marketing plan
Yes No - Whatever happens, happens

Website Design

Yes No - Our website is an important part of our marketing effort
Yes No - We have a website, but it is ineffective
Yes No - Our website is out of date
Yes No - We refer phone inquiries to the website for standard questions
Yes No - We offer products/services that are Not on our website
Yes No - Our website generates sales and qualified leads
Yes No - We statistically track visitors to our website
Yes No - We are losing sales due to our website

Search Optimization

Yes No - We understand the importance of search positioning
Yes No - Relevant terms are used throughout our website
Yes No - We do very well in searches for our products or services
Yes No - We show up in the first 5 pages in relevant searches
Yes No - We understand how Google / Bing rank websites
Yes No - We have Not had any success with search engines

Current and Past Marketing Efforts

Yes No - Print advertising (magazine or newspaper)
Yes No - Phone book advertising
Yes No - Direct mail
Yes No - Website
Yes No - Company blog
Yes No - Email newsletter
Yes No - Social Media: Linkedin / Facebook
Yes No - Online Articles


Yes No - Marketing works
Yes No - We budget for marketing
Yes No - We expect immediate results
Yes No - We spend on marketing, but can't determine what worked
Yes No - Marketing is a long term investment
Yes No - We cut back on marketing when sales are down


Yes No - We advertise in directories (Yellow Pages, etc.)
Yes No - We use direct mail advertising
Yes No - We advertise in newspapers
Yes No - We gave up on print due to costs
Yes No - Print is dead. We moved our budget to digital media


Yes No - Our business grows through referrals
Yes No - We have more leads than we k Now how to handle
Yes No - We want all of the leads we can get
Yes No - We waste too much time with unqualified leads
Yes No - Our marketing targets the wrong customers
Yes No - We are fighting to get back to past year's levels
Yes No - We are doing great and want to do better


Yes No - I am doing great. What else can I do to make it better?
Yes No - I am doing great, don't need to change anything
Yes No - I am satisfied with how I am doing right Now
Yes No - Sales aren't bad, but could be better
Yes No - I'm concerned, but hopeful
Yes No - I am sinking and need help
In round numbers, any idea how much is this costing you?

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